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to raise the quality of people's lives

to raise the quality of people's lives


Giving the power to act to those who want to protect the environment, eat healthily and promote the development of rural areas too.




Spezzano Albanese (CS), May 2020​

"We were in the middle of a pandemic. We couldn't go out. For us farmers, used to living in the open air, being forced to stay at home was really hard. It was an unprecedented suffering that generated the awareness of having to do something to improve the quality of life and never have to repeat this terrible experience again.


In this regard, I asked myself what I could do as an olive grower. The response was immediate because it was dictated by the "environment" in which I work. The olive tree performs an important environmental and social function: absorbing CO2 from

atmosphere, protect flora and fauna and produce excellent organic extra virgin olive oil to support a natural and healthy diet.

By recovering the abandoned olive trees in the area, applying the principles of regenerative agriculture (already applied in my olive grove) I can make them capable of doing all this.

Living in a predominantly mountainous area, it is a very tiring and expensive job in terms of economic resources. But the aim is noble and can also represent, at the same time, an opportunity for the economic development of the rural area in which I live. So, I thought of giving those who share the same values the opportunity to contribute to the recovery costs by adopting an abandoned olive tree and receiving, as a reward, the oil from the olives harvested from the adopted olive tree." The ADOPT AN ORGANIC OLIVE TREE project.

Currently, the prize for those who adopt an olive tree includes:

  • n. 6 bottles of 500 ml of certified organic extra virgin olive oil extracted from olives coming from the adopted olive tree;

  • an Annual Adoption Certificate, as evidence of the green commitment undertaken;

  • of the photos and the geographical position of the adopted olive tree with a plaque bearing the name of the adopting person/company.

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Are you ready to act responsibly? I'll give you some data...


If you adopt an olive tree for at least 5 years, in addition to making a concrete contribution to the protection of biodiversity and the development of rural areas , you eliminate the CO2 generated by the production of the shoes you buy every year*.


*Source: Textiles and the environment: the role of design in Europe’s circular economy

If your company adopts one of our olive groves for at least 5 years, choose an ESG-high-value project capable to:

1. Absorb 45 kg of CO2 per year for each olive tree (GRI 305 - Emissions) measurable according to international ISO standards

2. Protect the rich biodiversity of the olive trees located in Calabria (GRI 304 - Biodiversity), habitat of different varieties of flora and fauna

3. Give a strong boost to the economic development of a marginal area (GRI 413 - Local communities) with a high unemployment rate and poor public services (hospitals, schools and transport)

4. Promote the wellness for your employees (GRI 403 - Occupational Health and Safety)  through the donation of organic extra virgin olive oil, symbol of the Mediterranean diet



Several newspapers have talked about our project. A RAI Senior crew came to visit us to find out more.
The Italian Embassy in Stockholm and ITA Stockholm have selected our project as a model of sustainable agriculture to celebrate Made Green in Italy during the VII edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World in Sweden.

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